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Carbon tax funds environmental nonsense

Over the years I have been criticized for speaking out about human-caused carbon dioxide. I think it is good that we have a public forum to debate the pros and cons of human-caused carbon dioxide releases into the environment. I compliment our local newspapers for covering these debates.

These are a few things to consider. Most of the environmental scientists are working for our government because most are not up to working in a private industry. In the public sector these scientists are getting funding and grants from politicians who claim the “sky is falling,” thus providing a base for more new taxes.

I can relate to our own Minnesota Pollution Control Agency that killed a multi-million dollar industry raising net pen salmon in an abandoned iron mine. Month after month they required new types of water testing requirements. Their response was, “It only costs a few dollars per test.” The testing got to 30 per week, with one of the tests for iron in the water.  This is in an iron mine!

Later I learned the director of this MPCA effort was a history major. I have a healthy respect for history but not for making technical decisions above their pay grade.

Why can’t we get the environmental scientists to quantify the amount of carbon dioxide released by humans, the amount from forest fires and the amount released from volcanoes? Going after only human-caused carbon dioxide suggests to me the scientists are merely playing with the fuzz on their navels! The carbon tax is merely a way to fund environmental nonsense!

Robert Olson,

Ideal Township

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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