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Carbon tax is a scam

In Ian Palmer’s book on “Where Does Carbon Dioxide Come From,” he has presented a summary we should all look at.

According to his book, the volcanic actions in Iceland spewed in just four days more carbon than humans have made in five years trying to control carbon dioxide emissions. The total carbon dioxide spewed from the 1991 Iceland volcano was more carbon dioxide than the entire world population put out since the start of time. There are about 200 active volcanos in the world now.

The fact of the matter is the brush fires this year alone dwarfed the human reductions of carbon dioxide for the next two or three years. It happens every year. 

Also, remember carbon dioxide is essential for the life on our planet. Don’t allow the EPA to call it a pollutant.

The carbon tax is nothing but a huge scam and will do nothing to reduce total carbon emissions. It is just a sneaky way to get politicians into your pockets.

I think we are confusing Mr. Gore’s science background with a political science background. Mr. Gore could be more effective to reduce carbon emissions if he would put his finger into one of the active volcanos.

That is my view of the situation.

Robert Olson,

Ideal Township

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