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Response to 'Government and business'

Response to ‘Government and business’

I agree with a few points Mr. Martin made in his article of Aug. 14 (Brainerd Dispatch) and Aug. 22 (Lake Country Echo), but I disagree with many more. 

One should not be painting all corporations with a bad brush. I happen to have been an executive in an “enlightened corporation” who knew that our most valuable assets were our employees. We took very good care of our employees and were noted by several national publications as being the best corporation to work for. 

On a good year we would return about 6 percent of the revenue to corporate profit. That profit was necessary to secure future corporate investors for systems that costs millions and millions of dollars. Putting new taxes on corporations often causes layoffs or transfer of work to a more favorable business environment.

I could site several examples where Minnesota socialism lost middle class jobs in favor of more business enlightened states. I was part of the decision-making process when we were faced with a new DFL passed “in process inventory” tax. 

That is a tax on product currently in production that the state felt obligated to tax even before the product was sold. That tax would have wiped out any profits for future years.

As a native of South Dakota, I knew the business climate and freedoms were much better there. As a result of some of my influence we started new plants in Rapid City and Aberdeen, S.D.

Guess what? Month after month, the bottom line performance of those plants was better than the Arden Hills or Normandale, Minn., plants. Workers’ comp insurance was much less, state corporation taxes were zero and we didn’t have pressures from hustlers (union and political) to unionize.

I think we, as Minnesotans, need to wake up to what socialistic policies are doing to our productive jobs!

Robert Olson,

Ideal Township

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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