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Obama nonsense

I hope everyone has had the chance to read the article in the July/August “Current Connection” written by Bruce Kramer, CEO of our power company. His article is right on and I hope others with an ounce of common sense will also respond.

President Obama has never had any business experience, including even running a lemonade stand. His socialistic ideas are bent on destroying our country as we know it. 

Is he catering to one of his major campaign contributors who owns a major oil transport business? The pipeline would hurt his crony’s business.

A few centuries ago people thought the earth was flat and people who sailed the oceans would drop off the edge of the earth. Now we have the same kind of stupidity of human-caused global warming. 

The earth overall has decreased in temperature by about 0.7 degrees in the past decade, so they have changed from global warming to climate change.

It is clear our president is a far left socialist bent on attacking all the freedoms we have enjoyed and fought wars to protect. Just look at the details of “Obama Care.”

If there was ever grounds to impeach a president, we have seen it unfold before enlightened Americans.

Robert Olson,

Ideal Township

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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