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The one year plan

The one-year option

This seems to go on forever, but it’s this belligerent attitude this council has every time you ask a question about Pequot city taxes that requires an answer. They tell you they’re working on it through committees, consultants or it’s a time thing they can’t rush into, but after all it’s been 14 months.

With this open meeting Tuesday, July 23, it’s this type of meeting that there’s supposed to be questions, and then answers from the council members, so the taxpayer in attendance can walk away with some idea where the council is going with this. Even though there is a one-year option plan in this proposal, it was never brought up.

So you can just bet this four-out-of-five Sibley-member council will ride this gravy train to the last stop, and take the three-year deal. And again, the Pequot taxpayer, as usual, will come out the loser and pick up the tab.

It’s this city tax along with high water and sewer bills (ask me about the sewer rates sometime — the council screwed up on this one also), $1,400 a day to run a police department, etc. Taxes are killing this town and the council will definitely do nothing about it.

Scott Pederson, current council member, was the recipient of the 2003-09 commercial property tax break Sibley commercial property owners were given that started off at 50 percent and was phased in over a six-year period to equalize with the business owners in Pequot. As recently as June 13, to suggest a longer extension on the Sibley tax break, beyond the three years that’s being proposed, takes guts.

Three years, maybe; but the one-year option is still open. Call!

It appears Chicago politics has come to Pequot Lakes.

Jack Schmidt,

Pequot Lakes

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