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Hunger, poverty disparities in the U.S.

Hunger, poverty disparities in the U.S.

Actor and musician Jeff Bridges has started doing work to help feed children. About one in four children in the United State goes hungry, in the greatest country on Earth, in the best democracy man has ever known, in the country with more little flag lapel pins than any other, in the country that wants to lead the world, in the country that — let’s face it — is so insecure and suffers such an inferiority complex that it constantly has to thump its ribs and holler, “We’re number one!" There is no shortage of food here; there is no shortage of money. The problem is who has it. The money Bernie Madoff stole from rich folks would probably feed everyone. Mr. Madoff got sent to prison for 150 years, because he stole billions from rich people.

He’d still be free and arrogant if he stole all that from the poor. (If you trace it all back, eventually it does come from the poor. That’s why they’re poor. The rich convince us there will always be poor, “according to the bible.” That book needs to be updated and rewritten. It’s not doing us a lot of good.)

The Republicans and tea pots in the U.S. House of Representatives knocked the food programs out of the farm bill. They wanted to send a message. Well, they sure did that.

Get rid of House Republicans and tea pots. Then Mr. Bridges wouldn’t have to worry about feeding the children. Human beings would be sure to do it.

People would be paid a living wage and treated fairly.

The wealthy would be less wealthy. Isn’t that all right?

A. Martin,


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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