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New taxes affect everyone

New taxes affect everyone

Democrats spent the fall of 2012 talking about how they wanted the “rich” to pay “just a little more” or pay their “fair share.”

But new taxes they put into effect July 1 will cut across all income levels, even the lowest-earning Minnesotans.

Online shoppers, such as teenagers purchasing digital downloads like books and ringtones, have to pay more. Grandparents buying gifts for their grandchildren now will have to cough up an Amazon tax.

Minnesota’s cigarette tax is now one of the nation’s highest, having increased by $1.60 per pack.

Business owners – including farmers – will pay more since anyone who files through their individual tax return faces a 25-percent income tax increase. Farms and businesses which need equipment repaired or rely on telecommunications are now being hit with new taxes in those areas. New taxes on farm inputs also are subject to a warehousing tax starting this April.

Some utilities indicate new solar mandates will drive up the cost of consumer energy bills by as much as 5 percent.

Anyone who drives a car will see their fees increase on drivers licenses and vehicle registrations.

If you pay health insurance premiums, you’ll pay an expensive new tax to pay for Minnesota’s version of Obamacare.

This is a far cry from making the “rich” pay “just a little more.” I did not vote for these tax hikes.

We have experienced a notable surge in our economy in the two years since Republicans and Gov. Mark Dayton enacted a budget in 2011. We have generated more than $3 billion in more-than-expected revenue in the last two years. Just last year, 55,000 new jobs were created.

Democrats still raised taxes and fees by around $2.5 billion to spend even more. And we all – not just the “rich” – are paying for it.

Rep. Mark Anderson

Lake Shore

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