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What have area legislators done to us?

Now that the Minnesota Legislature has gone home we can now review what our two members, Rep. Tom Anzelc and Sen. Tom Saxhaug, who are supposed to represent us, have done to us.

They have ignored those of us who believe in limited government and strong Christian values. Tax and spend are alive and well in Minnesota and with these two so-called representatives.

So what have they done to us?

1. Voted against traditional marriage as a valued part of our society, even voting against a compromise to keep marriage between a man and woman and yet allow the gay community to have a civil union with all the same rights.

2. They have continued their attack on being successful. Whoa be to you if you work hard and are successful. They, like Obama, believe you did not build that and they deserve some of your money to redistribute wealth to “make life fair.”

3. Voted for more union control even for small day care businesses. Day care providers who supply care to people receiving state assistance now must pay the union even though these providers get no benefits from the union. Factually, it takes money meant for child care and sends it to the union. Sounds like money laundering to me.

4. Taxes are added to auto insurance and taxes on business mean higher prices.

5. Send the same group of people back for another session and they will be passing laws to limit your second amendment rights, raise additional taxes for an ever expanding government and likely provide more money to their campaign money donors at your expense.

These so-called representatives have not listened to anyone except, of course, those that paid to get them elected, unions, the teachers union, the far left groups, etc.

Dale Probasco,


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
I've worked at the Brainerd Dispatch with various duties since Dec. 7, 1983. Starting off as an Ad Designer and currently Director of Audience Development. The Dispatch has been an interesting and challenging place to work. I'm fortunate to have made many friends, both co-workers and customers.
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