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Reader questions "potato patch" anecdote

A. Martin’s letter of May 2, 2013, “Repeat the truth” bears much closer scrutiny before it can support A. Martin’s proposition.

Lacking in the description of the “potato patch” anecdote are, at the very least, the answers to the following salient questions:

A. Who owns the land and pays the taxes on the land on which the potatoes are grown?

B. Who pays for the seed?

C. Who pays for the fertilizer?

D. Who pays for the herbicide and pesticide?

E. Who pays for the water for the crop, and its delivery system?

F. Who owns the truck and pays for the fuel to get that truck to market?

G. Who has the market risk?

Only if all 100 of A. Martin’s potato planters share equally the cost of all inputs can they have an expectation to share equally in the profit. That’s the America we know. A. Martin’s “one lucky guy” apparently bore all or nearly all of the risks attributable to the potato venture and is, therefore, entitled to greatest share of the reward.

I can’t imagine which 9 out of 10 Americans do not understand this unless they believe they are somehow entitled to a subsidy.

Jan Moe,

Lake Shore

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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