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Politicians taking our hard-earned money

The 2013 Minnesota Legislature started facing a projected budget shortfall of $635 million and by state mandate must balance the budget.

The new DFL-controlled government has a “fix” for this shortfall: raising taxes and fees for all Minnesotans. The House DFL did so by about $2,944,895,000. Yes, that is $2.9 billion! That’s $547 for every man, woman and child in Minnesota, $2,188 for a family of four on a tight budget.

The Senate did so by $1.9 billion, expanding tax increases all the way down to those individuals with incomes above $80,000 and to joint filers making more than $140,000.

While the DFL campaigned on the populist idea of raising taxes only on the rich, they soon found out that there are not enough rich people in Minnesota to raise that kind of money, so they have to tax everybody. On top of the income tax increases are sales tax increases, alcohol tax increases, cigarette tax increases and hundreds of fees increased throughout the budgets.

Are you not tired of getting the same old DFL political response that they can’t balance a budget like we do? They say government is just too big and complicated. Really? Maybe that’s where we need to start the conversation — “It’s too big and complicated.”

I say, yes, you are right; it is way too big and isn’t about time we did something about it?

These politicians have no problem finding money for tuition assistance for illegals, tens of millions for a website, or giving themselves and the governor a raise. So instead of going line by line in the budget we are given the line there is nowhere to cut and need a raise for the fine job they do taking more of your hard earned money.

David Anderson,


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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