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Repeat the truth

Repeat the truth

After reading several of Mr. Martin’s liberal letters, it is clear he has a simple one-sided understanding of the issues he writes about.

It sounds as though Mr. Martin may be in the wagon that others are pulling. The more people that get in the wagon, the less there are to pull it. Eventually no one wants to pull the wagon and everyone is poor.

In the example of dividing up the potatoes, the one lucky guy was probably the owner of the land and was entitled to a return on his investment. He may also own the equipment and took a risk by buying the seed. Yes, he will get a larger share.

I also despise how the wealth is currently distributed. Too many people are getting a share and have not earned it. Why does one actor only make enough to buy groceries and another makes $50 million? Because one had more skills and is better.

People should be paid for performance, not for position. If everyone received an equal share, no one would work hard and everyone would be poor like in Russia.

When the Mayflower first came over, the pilgrims had a community garden in which everyone was supposed to work and share. The first two winters many of them starved because there was not enough food. The following year the governor told the people that whatever they could individually produce, they could keep. After that everyone worked harder and they had more than enough.

Should Oprah Winfrey only make four times as much as any of her staff? No, that is not how this country became great.

Learn the entire truth before you try to preach one side.

Robert Bertram,

Pine River

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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