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Large tax hike and wasteful spending

Large tax hike and wasteful spending

House Democrats are seeking a $3 billion increase in taxes and fees to erase a $627 million shortfall. We could erase this shortfall without raising taxes by setting a responsible budget that is within our anticipated revenue growth of approximately 3 percent.

This is a clear example of excessive spending, not a revenue shortage.

The proposed increases in taxes and fees has an estimated price tag of close to $600 for every man, woman and child in Minnesota. The tax bill would raise income taxes on nearly one-third of Minnesotans, even including people making around $22,000 per year.

The House Democrat plan would also raise taxes on Internet purchases, sports memorabilia, cigarettes and alcohol, just to name a few. All Republicans and a few Democrats voted to oppose the tax bill.

The clincher? With $3 billion more in revenue, House Democrats this week passed an omnibus bill that includes a $26 million cut to baseline funding for long-term care facilities that would greatly damage nursing homes throughout the state.

Seniors and other vulnerable citizens should be a top priority, not be pushed aside so government can waste more money on bureaucracy.

The Democrat majority in the Senate is working on a bill of its own to raise taxes by billions. Our Democrat governor has his own plan for billions more in taxes. The House bill may not serve as the finished product after the conference committee process, but it seems pretty clear where this is heading: The largest tax hike in 30 years is being thrust on hard-working Minnesotans to support wasteful spending by a government that apparently thinks it knows better what to do with your money.

State Rep. Mark Anderson

R-Lake Shore

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