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The benefits of government jobs
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One of the many things Republicans don’t realize is just how many jobs are created by government programs.

Conservatives are always saying that money taken in taxes is removed from the private sector, but it is not. Unlike some of the 1 percent wealthiest, state and federal governments don’t take tax revenue and hide it in Switzerland or some Caribbean island. They use tax money to pay people (either for work or in the form of benefits) and to buy things.


The people who receive payments buy necessities and luxuries in the private sector. Neither the state nor federal governments produce their own products.

They buy office supplies, uniforms, or military hardware from the private sector.

I think we realize this. For one thing many of us have relatives and friends who benefit directly from the way tax revenues enter the economy. This is a reality that conservative media and politicians haven’t quite grasped.

Rolf Westgard,

Deerwood and St. Paul