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Stop destructive actions

I am absolutely appalled that Robert Olson would even attempt to defend the despicable remarks he made concerning President Obama.

Olson probably did not vote for President Obama; however, our president was duly elected through the democratic process that makes him our country’s president and leader. The hateful, horrible terms Olson used to describe President Obama are the exact kinds of words that trigger violence and crime that our country has experienced far too often.

Wake up, Robert Olson, and stop your destructive actions. We didn’t even refer to a former president who was forced to resign because of his illegal actions with the hate-filled terms you used. My suggestion for you and others who resort to negativity and slander is to stop watching FOX News and/or their talk shows, recognizing they are the most biased news source in our nation.

Start offering prayers of support for our wonderful country and president.

Erma Comstock,

Ideal Corners and Roseville

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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