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Don't arm people at schools

Don’t arm people at schools

Asa Hutchinson of the NRA called for training and guns in each school as a means to protect the students.

It costs a lot for reliable, quality guns. And what would specialized training cost? Probably way above and beyond the typical permit-to-carry type training. It may even exceed the standard police type training, due to the special nature of the assignment.

What would additional liability insurance cost? The “old” guns are traded in on newer versions, as Winchester, Remington and the NRA would periodically want. If the old guns were assault style, where would they go? Who would get them?

At least one person would have to be present per school, morning til night, at least five days per week. What would that cost in salary, benefits, etc.?

If the school’s hired gun had summers off, maybe that could be “comp time” for the vacation days, days off, etc. he/she wouldn’t get during the school year. I’d assume under these conditions, we could maybe get by with one hired gun per school. A $40,000-$50,000/year salary?

How many school buildings in the district? We couldn’t leave one uncovered; a clever gunman would surely find out which one it was and go there. If years go by, without an attempted shooting, how long before everyone becomes complacent? When was a local school’s last attempted gun attack?

Then there’s “suicide by cop” syndrome. How many would come to the schools just to have a shootout with the hired gun, and be shot and killed? Would this attract a “bad element,” exposing young children to seeing gunfights in the schools now and then?

But maybe our children are used to this, from watching such garbage as “CSI,” “Cops,” “The Terminator” on television and movies.

The NRA solution isn’t thought out. Schools mustn’t be armed camps.

A. Martin,


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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