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President is a lying scumbag

Many of you by now have  already heard of Joe Biden’s hotel bill in London of $459,388 for one stay.

Our president has routinely gone out golfing with Tiger at about $750,000 per trip on Air Force One. The president’s family couldn’t go together on a Hawaii vacation so they spent about a million dollars per trip on Air Force One. 

They must think they are royalty to willy nilly spend taxpayer money.

Then the president has the guts and lack of integrity to tell the nation if he doesn’t get a 10 percent increase in next year’s budget instead of the sequestered 7.5 percent increase, drastic things will happen. Like kids won’t be able to get their health shots, meat won’t be inspected, there will be long lines at airport security checks, no White House visits by school children and on and on with gross exaggerations.

Over my 80 plus years I have  always had a healthy respect for our presidents — until now.  If I said how I really feel about this president I could never get the article published, so I will tone it down to calling him a lying scumbag.

Robert Olson,

Ideal Township

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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