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A valuable lesson

A valuable lesson

I once had a simple cabin near Duluth, on the bank of a fair sized river; a wonderful place, as you could imagine. One of my favorite times there was deep winter. Never knowing when circumstance might allow me to go there for a short visit, I usually left some basic foods there.

One winter I’d left a nearly full box of Cheerios cereal, the little “O’s” made from oats.

One visit, I’d discovered that a mouse had found the box’s opening. With apprehension, I opened the box and was dismayed at what eventually became a great insight and lesson.

The mouse, or mice, had crawled into the box and eaten the cereal, of course. But they also pooped and peed right where they ate, either too lazy, or too ignorant and stupid, to leave the box to do this business. (Mouse pee gets a golden, sticky characteristic, much like honey.)

The top inch of cereal was a clumped mess, and blocked access to the good cereal below, and the mice had to abandon what likely would’ve fed them the rest of the winter.

Us Euro humans are little different than the mice. We build nuclear energy, frack for North Dakota oil, deny human overpopulation and ignore the effects on the land, oceans and climate.

Climate-change/flat-earth deniers occasionally write in, saying they see “no proof.” If I handed them a gun, saying it might be loaded, but no one knows for sure, how would they handle the gun? As if it might be loaded, or as if it’s definitely not?

Dr. Freeman Dyson (NYT Science 2-26-13) cheerfully asserts global warming may be a good thing. (To him, apparently every gun is unloaded.)

I can imagine lazy or stupid mice saying the same things to each other, many winters ago.

A. Martin,


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