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Vote no to government control, interference

Vote no to government control, interference

As union membership has fallen all across the country, unions have become increasingly aggressive in trying to grow its numbers. In Minnesota and across the country they have turned to organizing recipients of government benefits as their latest ploy to increase their coffers.

HF950\SF778 sponsored by Rep. Michael Nelson and Sen. Sandy Pappas would do just that – attempt to unionize small business daycare providers in Minnesota.

A recent poll of daycare providers shows 85 percent do not support the effort, but that’s not stopping this train wreck from happening. It is all political payback, and the DFL Legislature and Gov. Dayton own the unions for the millions they spent to support their elections.

The legislation would authorize AFSCME\SEIU to collectively bargain with the state on behalf of daycare providers and (of course) collect mandatory union dues. Daycare providers would not even get a secret ballot vote on unionizing — unions would merely collect publicly signed cards, making possible this type of fraud:

In 2011, a Minnesota childcare provider was approached by part of a door-knocking campaign for forming a childcare union in Minnesota. She was asked to sign a card to receive more information on the campaign, but she later learned it was actually a union authorization card.

These tactics inspired the vice president of Minnesota AFSCME Local 3400 to resign in dismay earlier this year.

Forget jobs and the budget. DFL bills to increase government control over every aspect of our lives are coming at breakneck speed this legislative session. If you care about small business’ freedom from forced unionization, the quality, cost and availability of childcare and home care, and the right to provide education and care for your family members without government interference, then contact your legislator and tell them to vote NO on HF950\SF778.

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