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Safe sex vs. firearms safety

I find it ironic that we teach safe sex in schools, but when you suggest teaching firearms safety and responsibility in schools you are looked at like you’ve got three heads and you’re a crazed NRA member.

The Left would have you think that the ills of firearms override that of sexual promiscuity.

So, we teach “responsible” sexuality in school, but not gun safety and responsibility? Take a look at the results of an over-sexualized society and the breakdown in the American family: gay marriage, abortion, disease, a foster-care system at capacity, children growing up on welfare, grandparents becoming parents again, and children being born to parents who refuse to raise them or teach them.

I liken teaching gun safety to teaching abstinence.

It is a fact that a majority of murders happen in U.S. cities with populations over 250,000 and they also have the strickest gun laws. These cities also contain the least amount of youth firearms training programs.


I went to a junior high school in the 1970s where recess involved shooting targets. Seeing a gun case in your locker was a common occurrence at my school. There were no “No Gun Zone” signs.

No, we were not part of some crazy cult, just responsible Americans kids who were taught to respect firearms. None of us went postal and to this day many of those classmates are my best friends.

So, lefties, you’ll teach sex education in schools, why not safe use and enjoyment of firearms? After all, the kids are going to do it anyway, right?

Jay Lindmeyer,


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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