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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in true style
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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in true style

We little people of Crosslake would like to clarify the custom of St. Patrick’s Day. It is not the wearing of green clothing that marks you Irish. It is the wearing of the greens – leafy sprigs of green growing stuff.


In the civil unpleasantness of the 1860s, when Irish regiments came marching to the rescue, they wore sprigs of greens in their hats as tokens of Irishness. They did not wear green uniforms.

Few enough Irish owned a change of clothes much less a fancy green shirt for once a year. We always cut sprigs of greens for hat or hair. It shows we belong to the green land of Eire rather than our English landlords.

So on this St. Patty’s day, celebrate in true style. When you see a leprechaun shout, “Ahoy, the leprechaun” and show him your greens.

The leprechaun, “Ahoy”

(Fred Gridley)

Manhattan Beach