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Response to "Responses" by Don Bye

Response to 'Responses'

by Don Bye

I must start out by saying I had not read “Responses” in the Echo’s From the Left Hand Corner until someone asked me if I was going to respond to being called out by Mr. Bye.

I didn’t intend to write another letter to the editor on this issue, but I now feel compelled.

In Mr. Bye’s initial column, he stated that “he did not need a fully automatic assault rifle ...” I personally would love to own one, but since it is illegal without a federal tax stamp, I do not.

Mr. Bye insinuated that it was easy to get a fully automatic rifle and that new laws were necessary to quell the overriding demand for such weapons. “Fully Automatic Assault Rifle” is a term that the left has been using to stir up angst among the populous since the 1980s.

Again, the ownership of a “Fully Automatic Assault Rifle” has been illegal since the National Firearms Act of 1934. When you tell a lie long enough it becomes the truth. The use of the term Fully Automatic is what I have issue with; it was completely misleading and, in my opinion, that was the intent!

Don said he “did not know” a number of times in his “Responses” piece. Maybe he should be doing more background work and fact checking for his pieces instead of using false and misleading rhetoric in an attempt to sway opinion.

As to his comments concerning “express statements of the founders writing amendments and quotes of Washington, Mason and Jefferson,” a simple Google search using that exact quotation produced 49.1M results.

As I am limited to 300 words here and am at that limit now, I cannot list them all here. Don will have to look them up himself.

Words have meaning.

Ryan Buell,

Pequot Lakes

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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