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Two dead at Walmart shooting in Grand Forks


Federal government is out of control

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We have to quit electing Ivy League lawyers to make decisions that affect our economy. Many of these lawyers never held a real job (including our president).


The federal government never produces anything but misery. They first extract money from us, shuffle it around, then return a small portion back to the states. It reminds me of the happy dog who has his tail cut off then half is fed back to him. He is so happy because you feed him half his tail.

I worked in a large corporation where we cut our salaries 10 percent for a year to help our business survive. We did this at least twice in my career.

Now our stupid federal government says the end of the world is likely if they cut even 2 1/2 percent. Most, but not all, this nonsense is spread by the donkey party.

Robert Olson,

Ideal Township