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It's not about guns; it's about control

It’s not about guns;

it’s about control

I read in disgust the so-called “non”-partisan article by Don Bye in the Jan. 24 Echo.

I was amazed that in one paragraph he would be able to claim that the problem lies with the NRA and that the partisanship is on the right, and then in his last sentence he closes with an outright and — dare I say — deliberate lie about “fully automatic assault rifles.”

Mr. Bye, it has been illegal for citizens to own fully automatic guns of any kind since the 1930s and this was further defined in the ‘60s.

Now to the point. Gun control as an issue is not about producing a safer community. It is not about what works to stop individuals bent on doing harm from doing harm.

It is, however, about control. It is about control over a segment of the population that is in disagreement with an idea, or shall I say an ideal. The issue is about personal freedoms. It is about controlling the populous.

The reason that the founders (perhaps the most intellectual and intelligent men to have ever walked the planet) put the second amendment into the Bill of Rights was expressly stated over and over at the time.

Washington, Mason and Jefferson have been attributed with many quotes concerning the second amendment, all of which amount to one idea. The reason that the people have the right to be armed is for self-protection, not only from those that would do them harm, but also from their own government.

The Second Amendment is not about hunting, as Mr. Bye seems to think, and it never has been. It is about freedom and the rights of the individual.

Mr. Bye’s article does nothing to help and only serves a very partisan cause. The truth is easy to find!

Ryan Buell,

Pequot Lakes

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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