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We have a spending problem

Gov. Dayton has proposed a budget that will make Minnesota worse, not better, increasing your taxes by $2.976 billion (8.5 percent) and paying for $1.64 billion of built-in (automatic) spending increases and $1.031 billion in new spending. When will the Democrats wake up and realize we have a spending problem?

The proposed budget undermines job and economic growth and is weighted entirely toward new revenue. Most striking, the high-level budget fails to highlight any specific new expenditure reductions. Very little in the budget says Minnesota is open for business.

Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma have proposed full phaseouts of their income taxes, while Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio are pushing significant tax cuts. Minnesota is an expansion of tax and spend!

Dayton is pushing for anti-competitive tax increases on the middle class and small business community in tandem with a collection of regressive tax hikes on middle and lower income families’ with no spending cuts, and we are to believe this is a balanced approach? See a problem?

Contrary to political rhetoric coming out of St. Paul right now, Minnesota's revenues have climbed (up $1.076 billion for 2012-13 biennium) and its unemployment plummeted after two years of a stable tax code.

Of course, the Democrats will tell you that state government was cut to the bone and these tax increases are needed. State spending still increased 5.9 percent in the 2010-11 budget and by 7.2 percent in the 2012-13 budget all the while erasing a $6.4 billion and $5.2 billion deficits.

Instead of a rebate, how about reducing taxes and letting me keep that to begin with? Giving me a handout while picking my pocket at the same time isn’t responsible budgeting. It’s a sham!

David Anderson,


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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