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Minnesota budgets

Minnesota budgets at all levels are being developed. As responsible Minnesotans we need to take a closer look at the growth of certain segments of our government.

No doubt everyone has heard the screams from our liberals: “We need to throw more money at education. Our children deserve the very best.” Would you believe Minnesota state government is one of the most corrupt of any state?

According to a research article published by the Wall Street Journal on Dec. 30, 2012, the University of Minnesota was singled out with very serious spending that contributes nothing to educating our children. I have maintained for the past two decades that there is more deadwood at the university than there is in the Chippewa National Forest!

Did you know the U of M has one administrator for every 3 1/2 students? The growth in the number of administrators over the past decade has increased 37 percent more than the number of instructors. What does that do to educate our students?

The U of M tuition and fees have more than doubled in the past decade to $13,524. That far exceeds the average at four-year public colleges of $8,655! What does that do to enhance the education of our children?

The entire Board of Regents should be fired for failing to oversee the university budgets. Also, the education committees in the state Legislature have been doing a terrible job of oversight. Our voters continue to show stupidity in whom we elect.

Do you think we could get a state law requiring all public sector unions report publicly each year? The report would include the amount of money collected from dues and fees, the amount unions contribute to election campaigns, the amount going to the union and the amount going to the U.S. Department of Education.

Robert Olson,

Ideal Township

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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