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Column had incorrect information

Mr. Bye’s article, “gun allowance,” in the Jan. 24 issue was a good discussion on the topic until his last sentence. Mr. Bye states he can “get along fine without a fully automatic high capacity assault rifle designed to kill other people.”

That was a biased statement with incorrect information.

The weapon he describes is not fully automatic, it is semiautomatic. A big difference, and only the military has the fully automatic models. They are not assault rifles because they look like the military models.

Other than looks, they operate as and have no more fire power than the common semiautomatic deer rifle. The design items that make them look like a military rifle are for functionality, which are also useful for hunters.

The shotgun used by Mr. Bye filled with five rounds of buckshot will kill more students in a classroom in far less time than the weapon he’s demonizing.

In other words, the rifles that only look like military assault rifles are no more dangerous than a common shotgun. Outlawing one weapon will not remove the risks posed by ill-intentioned people.

Everyone should watch the video prepared by Fleet Farm in Baxter. Go to YouTube and type in “Duck hunting shotgun proven to be more dangerous than a Huldra AR15.” The video will convince you.

Bob Bertram,

Pine River

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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