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Redefining marriage

Last November Minnesotans declined to protect the traditional definition of marriage. In fact, Minnesota has dealt with the issue of marriage between same-sex partners several times over the years, always resulting in defining marriage between a man and a woman.

Most believe that same-sex partners deserve dignity and legal protection. Doesn’t every person deserve that despite their personal relationships?

Same-sex partners campaigned on 515 state rights pertaining to married couples and 1,100 federal ones. Included are things like joint fishing licenses, tax returns and avoiding the inheritance tax.

Except that marriage is about something deeper. I don’t know any one who married for “stuff!”

But more important, shifting the focus of our marriage laws away from the interests of children and society as a whole, and onto the desires of adults involved in a same-sex relationship will result in profound long-term consequences.

It undermines the marriage culture, making marriage a meaningless political gesture instead of a child-affirming culture that says to children that mothers and fathers matter. Each has a unique roll.

Keep in mind that legislators are already pushing to legalize same-sex “marriage” in the session starting in January. Keep in mind that our teachers, through MEA and the St. Paul Federation of teachers, advocated with organizations promoting same-sex marriage. Remember every time marriage laws are modified like this, child rights and child outcomes are thrown under the bus.

Redefining marriage would be robbing the dignity from one group so we can feel good about another group.

Jan Skjolsvik,

Fifty Lakes

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