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Movie '2016'

Everyone should see the movie “2016” before the election. If, after seeing this movie, you still vote for Obama, you have no regard for your children or grandchildren’s future.

President Obama, in his own writings, worshipped his father who was a communist. Obama’s associations in the United States was with his pastor Wright, who continually spoke of hating America. He opened his campaign in the home of Bill Ayres, a known terrorist. He had a “sweetheart deal” with a convicted crook for the purchase of his Chicago home.

Why has Obama spent millions of dollars on lawyers to seal his college records from the public? Who, in his graduating class, came out and said they knew and graduated with him? What is Obama hiding?

Why did Obama, in front of a microphone he thought was off, tell a Russian minister he would be more flexible after he is re-elected? Throughout history we have seen countries fail miserably under a communist/socialist government. Obama, if re-elected, will try to take us into becoming a socialist government.

I personally think my children and grandchildren deserve much better than a socialist government. I hope you feel the same about your children or grandchildren!

Robert Olson,

Ideal Township

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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