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Inspiration: Haughtiness-Not a pretty thing.

In our culture there seems to be an acceptance, and growing promotion of, arrogance or haughtiness. We see it in certain athletes, politicians, radio personalities, and many of those who are held-up as the “ones in the know.” Yet Scripture tells us that God hates this attitude because of what it does to our relationship to Him and our relationship with those around us. Today we are going to look at this attitude—What will you do with what you learn?

VERSES THAT DEAL WITH HAUGHTINESS. “The wicked, in the haughtiness of his countenance, does not seek Him. All His thoughts are, ‘There is no God’.” Ps. 10.4 “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before stumbling.” Prov. 16.18 (Please also see Proverbs 6.16-17a; Proverbs 16.5)

So what is haughtiness? First, it is a denial of one’s need for God. It is an independent spirit, which arrogantly takes credit for the blessings God has provided. A haughty mentality says, “Look at what I have done! There is a refusal to acknowledge that God has given what one has.

Second, it promotes an arrogance toward others! We think more highly of ourselves than we ought to. (See Romans 12.3 & Phil. 2.3-4) Haughtiness sees others as lower and lesser and therefore less important which leads to less caring and concern for others. Haughtiness sees life as being “all about me! Right?!”

Scripture tells us that a haughty heart faces: 1) Punishment: God will not endure an arrogant heart! Nebuchadnezzar graphically experienced this in Daniel 4. 2) Haughtiness causes people to stumble. How many times have we seen an arrogant person fall only to be replaced by someone they thought was inferior to them? 3) When God is left out and there is little or no concern for the “lower and lesser,” destruction results. Independence from God leads to destruction. Think about our own country: The farther we have moved from the Lord the more we find ourselves coming apart at the seams, globally and at home.

WHAT DOES GOD DESIRE? Psalm 51.17: “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; A broken and contrite heart, O God, Thou wilt not despise.” 1) Humility toward God. We must acknowledge our need for Him. Without Him well will continue in the downward spirial we find ourselves. And we must express praise, thankfulness and gratitude toward Him for all He has given. We have known blessings like no other peoples have ever known; not “’by the might of [our] power,” but by His gracious hand. 2) Humility toward others. We are not think more highly of ourselves than we ought (Rom. 12.3), but rather, we are to count others as more important than ourselves and to look out for their interests as well (Phil. 2.3-4). Think about how different things would be in our families and communities if we thought about others as much as we think about ourselves! The Lord calls us to associate with the lowly (Rom. 12.16); Comfort the afflicted (2 Cor.1.3-4); Love as we have been loved by the Lord (John 13.34); Forgive from the heart (Matthew 18.35), etc. None of these things, which our world so desperately needs, will result if haughtiness is not dealt with as the Lord commands. Will you pray with me for a humbling of our hearts?