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Mayor's Column: Frozen pipes, part-time officers, fireworks, online business directory addressed

It is wonderful that we finally are seeing some warmer weather. With that, however, comes the continuation of the “Frozen Water/Sewer Pipe Saga.”

As you may have read, cities all over Minnesota are struggling with frozen water and sewer lines, Pequot Lakes included. Right now, the frost level is down into the ground at approximately 8 feet and, it is my understanding from those in the know, this depth will continue to go down before it goes up — go figure!

It is at this point that we all must recognize that, yes indeed, water is truly a “precious commodity” and should be used carefully and not wasted. My special thanks to Mike Loven, director of public works, and his crew for all they have done to help during this difficult time.

At last week’s city council meeting, we approved the hiring of four part-time police officers. What exactly does this mean?

To clarify, these officers are similar to substitute teachers — they are called to step in if someone is ill, on vacation or in court. They are paid only when they work.

A good list of part-timers must be maintained. Being on the list does not guarantee that the officer will be available to work a specific shift.

As many of you know, the Pequot Promoters and Community Action of Pequot Lakes are groups that support Pequot Lakes and want the best for our community. As part of these groups, we are raising awareness that the Chamber is in need of funding for the fireworks on July 3.

The Chamber, along with businesses, is going to put forth $3,500 toward the total cost of approximately $7,000. Knowing how much every one of us enjoys the display on the 3rd, we are asking that you make a generous donation to “Brainerd Lakes Chamber Fireworks for Pequot Lakes” and drop it off at the Chamber building or at Lakes State Bank.

Finally, a project near and dear to my heart is coming to fruition. It has long been my desire to have all of the businesses in Pequot Lakes listed on the city website — and, yes, it is going to happen within the next month.

If by some chance your business has not been contacted, please call Dawn Bittner at 568-2354 to get on the list. Not only are the basics of each business going to be listed, but a link to that business will also be included. I am so pleased!