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Bobber or Sinker - January 23

Bobber: To the plow crews that are working overtime to keep the roads clear, one nuisance snow after another.

Sinker: To anyone who places hay bales or tree branches in the ditch to stop snowmobiles. The ditch is public land — it is not your private property. Not to mention the danger involved for anyone snowmobiling at night. On most county roads, public land extends 33 feet on either side of the center line of the road.

Bobber: To all the citizens who pull over to help unfortunate cars out of the ditch.

Sinker: To any driver who thinks he or she is invincible to icy roads.

Bobber: To the 13 participants in the Pine River six-week weight loss challenge for losing a collective 40 pounds in their first week.

Bobber: To the Nisswa American Legion, which donated almost $4,000 to Nisswa Elementary School.

Sinker: To the influx of electronic scams sweeping the area. This is not a victimless crime. Anyone who can rob trusting individuals of their money and security is heartless.

Bobber: To Nisswa Elementary School, which stretched its donation from the Nisswa American Legion to almost $5,000 worth of iPad Minis and accessories for its classrooms.