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Vogt's Notes: I've gone full circle

The year was 1986. It was spring, and I was completing my junior year at what was then called Moorhead State University. I had finally decided I was going to be a journalist when I grew up, and I was finishing a year of classes geared toward a print journalism major.

It was a glorious spring day and I was participating in a softball game with friends. I had to hightail it home to brush the dust off, freshen up and change. I had a job interview. I had applied to work on the night desk at what was then called the Fargo Forum newspaper.

This was a job the Forum hired college students to do. I was hired, along with a North Dakota State University student. We worked opposite nights so I never met her, but I think her name might have been Michelle.

(My mind is a bit fuzzy because this was a lot of years ago! However, I do vividly recall the Christmas I had to work. I couldn’t understand why a girl from the Twin Cities — me — had to work the holiday rather than the girl from Fargo. It turned out to be one of my family’s most memorable Christmases when my parents, sister and dog trekked to Moorhead to spend the holiday with me in my apartment.)

I can still see the circular copy desk where I worked, right next to the sports desk, and I can recall some of the faces, though most names have slipped my mind.

These were the days before email and fax machines. My main job was to take obituaries from funeral home directors over the phone. I’d type what the funeral home director read to me (on a computer, not a typewriter!) and then carefully read it back, spelling every single name and every single city.

I also watched the evening newscasts on small televisions, taking note of the stories to be sure the newspaper wasn’t being scooped on anything.

I worked at the Forum until I graduated from college, including a summer internship as a reporter. I’m pretty sure current Forum publisher Bill Marcil Jr. was a photography intern that same summer. Scrolling through the list of Forum employees, I do still recognize a few names.

I have good memories of my time at the Fargo Forum, known today as the Forum of Fargo-Moorhead. I look forward to Forum Communications Co.’s recent purchase of Echo Publishing and working under that corporate ownership.

I feel like I’ve gone full circle, again working for the company that gave me a positive start in journalism.