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Inspiration: His names are wonderful

During this time of year, we hear many songs that refer to who Jesus was at His birth. Immanuel; Prince of Peace; Wonderful Counselor; Almighty God; etc.

In and of themselves, each tells us something about the child born in Bethlehem.

Today we are going to look inside the Christmas story and find out some of the things we are told about this “Babe”.

ELIZABETH, the wife of Zacharias, referred to the Baby in Mary’s womb as LORD. (See Luke 1.43) This title referred to an owner, “one who has disposal of anything.” It also is connected to the word MASTER: “one to whom service is due on any ground.”

More profound is that this word uniquely associated Jesus with God. Elizabeth reveals that there is a unique relationship between God and this child. Because only God was seen as the only One to whom service was due on any ground, and that disposal of anything was only in the hands of God, Elizabeth’s use of this term in reference to the “Babe” showed that the “Babe” was on equal ground with God, and indeed was God come in the flesh!

ZACHARIAS referred to this ONE in the phrase, HORN OF SALVATION. (See Luke 1.69) The word HORN was used to denote or symbolize strength and/or power. Zacharias acknowledge the strength and power needed for salvation was to be found in the birth of this baby of Mary’s. Notice what Zacharias asked God for, in light of this strength for salvation: That those delivered would serve God w/o fear; and in holiness and righteousness! (We who have experienced this HORN OF SALVATION would live this way!)

When the angels referred to this Baby as SAVIOR they used a powerful term. (See Luke 2.11) THIS WORD IS AN EMPHATIC and points to ONE who would be the Deliverer; preserver; sustainer.

This word is used of God and Christ, and testifies to Jesus’ deity. The angels were not just saying that this “Baby” had found God’s favor and therefore man was going to experience some sort of blessing; but rather they were decreeing that God had come in the flesh and true deliverance; preservation and sustaining (in the eternal sense) had come to earth and was for man’s partaking in! Is it any wonder that in suddenness a “multitude of the heavenly host gathered and praised God.” Again, what man could not do for himself, God, now in the flesh, would accomplish in completeness!

The prophet Micah declared that the ONE to come would be a SHEPHERD. (See Micah 5.2) Micah uses, what to me, is a very tender term. Scripture portrays man often as sheep: Going our own way ... Straying from our safety ... Stupid in our judgments ... Needing something we could not obtain by ourselves ... This Shepherd would lead and guide the sheep in righteousness: the way, the truth and the life! This Shepherd would “never leave nor forsake us ...” This Shepherd that would give to us His own Spirit to guide us and comfort us. This Shepherd that would lay down His life in perfect obedience and gain for us what we could not have gained: By whose strips we are healed!

For a sheep such as I, Micah could not have used a prettier term, than to have referred to this “Babe” as a Shepherd.

Right standing with God can only be gained through this HORN OF SALVATION, this SAVIOR. May we make the message of Christmas clear, and present the “Babe” so that people might come to know this child of Bethlehem.