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Inspiration: Snow snow snow snow

As I look outside my window the world is turning white. The first significant snowfall of the year is happening and it is always special. It magically turns a world that has gotten brown and drab over the last several weeks into one that sparkles and looks so clean and wonderful.

I will be tired of the snow in a couple of months and be ready for it to go away, but today it is amazing. It makes all things look beautiful.

The first snow always reminds me of Psalm 51, the great Psalm of David, in which he repents of his sin with Bathsheba. As he is repenting to God for his sin, he proclaims his faith that God can wash him and he “shall be whiter than snow.”

Freshly fallen snow is as white as anything I know and looks so pure and unspoiled. David had gotten himself into such a dark and ugly situation that to most of us we might have despaired that there was no way out, that it was hopeless.

David’s sin was that bad. But he turned to God, not to have Him fix it, but to acknowledge his wrongdoing and to ask for God’s forgiveness. David knew he did not deserve God’s forgiveness, because his sin was willful, but he called on God’s mercy and God was merciful to David.

All of us find ourselves in the same situation as David. Oh, we may not have done anything that seems as bad as what David did, but we have all sinned and fallen short of doing what’s right in the eyes of God.

If we are honest with ourselves there is a darkness that we try to pretend is not that bad, but which keeps us from being the person that God wants us to be. It is like the brown of late fall, after the leaves are gone.

But it does not have to be that way. God offers forgiveness and a new life in His Son Jesus Christ. His grace does not just cover the dark like snow does, but God’s grace changes it into something new, fresh, right.

This month is starting with a fresh blanket of clean, white snow. It will end with the celebration of a new year. But before the New Year we will remember the birth of Jesus. Jesus is God’s offer to make us new and clean as fresh snow. Maybe you have never introduced yourself to Jesus or maybe it has been awhile since you have spent any time with Him. This is a perfect time to turn toward Him. Maybe read the story of His birth found in the Gospel of Luke, start attending church again, repent of your sins and ask Jesus to be in relationship with you.

If you do, the coming year can be a special one for you.