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Inspiration: Time and Important Things

One of the most precious commodities we have, whether we are young or old, is time.

It is a safe assumption to say that what we see as important is defined by the time we give to it. Those things that are important we give our time to. Those things that are not important we do not give our time to.

One wrote this about time:

“We all need more time. But the time we have is all there is. There isn’t any more time.”

This is a very true statement! We may wish there was more time, but there isn’t any more. And, in reality, if we were given more time, we would soon find ourselves facing the problem we face already: “How do we best view our time so that we make the most of our time?”

Solomon, in Ecclesiastes 3.1ff, gives us insight into three points of understanding that will help us make the most of our time.

1. The “DON’T HURRY PRINCIPLE.” Everything has a time (v.1) There is truly a time in life for everything to happen. The problem is we don’t take the time to enjoy them; learn from them; to grow from them. God brings things along at just the right time to help us, and we miss them or are angered by them because we are in too big a hurry (they don’t fit out schedule) to see their importance! Slow down and don’t hurry — don’t miss today!

2. The “SEASON OF LIFE PRINCIPLE.” The “don’t hurry” principle we just talked about might be seen as the daily principle. The principle here is more like the broad strokes of a painter’s brush. Here we are looking at bigger chunks of a person’s life, and I believe we need to understand this if we are going to make the most of our time.

For example: I firmly believe we ask our young people to grow up way too fast. There are lessons to be learned as a child that prepare a person for bigger things down the road. For a young person to be pushed into “adulthood” when they are still young in age and experience can have devastating results. Let them be children!

Another example is found in the young couple. If God has given you children, would you commit to being dad or mom for the season your children are home. Don’t try and “do it all.” Don’t try to be “Mr. or Mrs. Everything” to everybody during this season. Take time to be dad! Take time to be mom!

3. Lastly, the “EVERYTHING HAS A PURPOSE,” and making the most of our time. Let me give three quick ways this purpose affects our time.

A. Looking for God’s purpose helps us enjoy the moments; or learn from the moments. It keeps us from missing the present because we are yearning for the past; or clambering for the future so we might be out of the present!

B. We are called to be people of purpose — we are to glorify God! We are not to be aimless wanderers in life!

C. Purpose leads to right perspective and priorities. If the purpose is not letting us make the most of our time; if it is not allowing us to do the things we need to be doing in the season of life we find ourselves; if the purpose is not heavenly directed then we really need to step back and ask if we should be doing it.

Everybody wishes they had more time. The time you have is all the time you will ever have. Are your views helping you making the most of the time you have? Are you enjoying the time you have?

Think on these things and have great day!