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Pequot vs. Sibley Township: The hidden story

The Pequot/Sibley Township controversy is ramping up into high gear. The Sibley Cartel is increasing its propaganda, stating, “We are the world; we are one!”

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Since the merger (2002), the “cartel” has lived up to its name. They have taken over the city council (easy to do with a population edge of 1,215 Sibley to 947 Pequot, according to After taking over the entire council, the cartel managed to enact a term limit rule (which they didn’t impose on themselves; imagine that) and set forth purging all remaining old Pequot people from any and all of the boards and commissions. (Destroy any opposition.)

The Sibley Cartel then appointed beauty queens (those who sit and smile and vote exactly the way the cartel directs them to vote) to all open positions. Since the beauty queens vote for any open seats as they occur, controversial Pequot people are kept off any boards or commissions by the cartel simply making up lies and half-truths to justify their discrimination.

Among the several items that the cartel engineered to favor themselves is the ignoring of the tax agreement contained in the merger negotiations and the final merger agreement. It was agreed that the two entities would retain their tax statuses and the Sibley tax status would be brought into line with the Pequot tax status in a gradual increase in the next couple of years (not 12 to 20 years, either).

The cartel has chosen to totally ignore this part of the agreement even though the taxing districts and their inequality have been discussed at many city meetings over those 12 years.

I have heard comments around town that, “There goes Jack (Schmidt) again, causing trouble.” I will say this. Jack has done his homework and is dead center on the target on this tax issue.

Sibley residents seem to think this tax item is something that Pequot just sprung on them. How could we? Your people (The Cartel) control all of city government. It has been there from the start (merger), just hidden by your cartel for their benefit.

And some Sibley people are trying to say that the merger was forced on Sibley Township by the big Pequot “monster.” Let’s set the record straight. Your Sibley Township government came to us, the Pequot Lakes government, and asked for the merger. (We — Pequot city government, me included — must have been nuts to agree.)

I have two solutions: 1. Return (old) Pequot’s Constitutional First Amendment right to “No taxation without representation.” The tax controversy wouldn’t have happened if (old) Pequot had had equal representation. Or 2. Let’s call it off! The merger is not working. Sibley can’t stand Pequot and the cartel simply won’t share power, so a divorce seems to be in order. Dissolve the union and return government as it was in 2001.

It’s time. Problems solved.

(John Derksen is a Pequot Lakes resident.)