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The Last Windrow: 'Do You See The Flag?'

We are celebrating a special week in America. This week we celebrate the birth of this country and accept its achievements and frailties and its unabashed abundance that we all have the opportunity to enjoy. 

It has been a history of trial and tribulation and exaltation and desperation, but we are still here and still alive and, for the most part, still optimistic.

I wrote this “Classic” Last Windrow in 1989 and I think it still applies today. Happy Fourth of July to you all!

“Do You See The Flag?” 

Can you hear the fife and drum?

From the fields of far Antietam,

Or the shores of Normandy,

Where many souls never made the shore?

Do you see the flag?

Can you feel the cold of Valley Forge,

Or the heat of Saigon City?

Do you smell the diesel tanks of Patton,

Or the gunpowder smoke from cannon?

Do you see the flag?

Does you spirit soar as an eagle,

When you hear the “Star Spangled Banner” played?

And do you hear the many hearbeats,

As progress toward their goal was made?

Do you see the flag?

As the trumpets sound their warning,

For good men to take a stand,

Do you know without their glory,

We might be living in a different land?

Do you see the flag?

Know that the light of independence

Flickers brightly through the night,

And without the sacrifice and sorrow,

Men would suffer for their rights.

Do you see the flag?

It waves upon the highest buildings,

It rides the rolling waves on battleships,

It causes all to stop and ponder,

With wonder written on their lips.

Do you see the flag?

Be careful how you treat this fabric,

of stars and stripes and colored hue,

It is the one thing that we cling to,

We are the pieces, it is the glue.

Do you see the flag?

So, wave you battered, bloodied symbol!

Wave until the world no more does spin!

Show the stars and stripes to millions,

You are the hope they hope to win.

They all see the flag!

They all see the flag!

See you next time and have a safe and joyful holiday in this land of the free and home of the brave! Okay?