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What it means to be a Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Community

What does it mean to be a Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Community? It means to be a good neighbor. It means to be a team player. It means to go beyond saying Thank You.

If you’re a good neighbor then you would help a stranger on the street load his groceries. You would think about everyone — veterans, homeless, poor, elderly, wealthy, sick, and everyone else.

Have you ever tied a ribbon? If you have then you know to make a perfect bow you have to twist and knot the ribbon together just right. Ribbons are woven very tightly, we need to be team players and weave ourselves together and twist, and know each other to help the returning service members rejoin their families.

When we think of all the things our service members do, saying “thank you for your service” isn’t enough compared to what those soldiers have been through. We can never repay them, but we can still do something. We can help them get the rest they might need or a job they are good at. We can help their family adjust to being whole again.

If we really want to be a Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Community then we all need to help all of our returning service members. It can’t be done by just a few at the American Legion or the VFW. Every single one of us has to roll up our sleeves and be a part of the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Community. Most of all, being a Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Community we act in a way that is deserving of the sacrifices our brave country men and women and their families have made for us.

(Mary Moore is a Nisswa Elementary School fourth-grader.)