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Reader astounded by statement about income tax adjustment

I am astounded by Don Bye’s statement in his Lake Country Echo column of May 16, positing that, “An adjustment in income tax is appropriate for all who are fortunate enough to make more than they need for their own expenses.”

Mr. Bye is, of course speaking of an upward adjustment in taxes as his column applauds the Democrat-controlled Minnesota Legislature for its $2 billion proposed increase in taxes on Minnesota’s citizens.

Mr. Bye, like other progressive/liberal ideologues, suffers from the same self-delusion that, somehow, he (and they) is better equipped than the rest of us to determine what constitutes our “expenses.”

Further, who among us is this omniscient Grand PooBah who has all the wisdom to know, to a certainty, how much money is enough to cover our expenses, and how much is too much?

Mr. Bye’s statement, on its face, can only mean that if you have some money left over on Dec. 31 of a given year, you have more than you needed to cover expenses for that year and, therefore, let the taxman cometh and taketh the excess! How utterly breathtaking a concept and how completely void of reason!

This is simply another expression of the “fair share” mantra we hear so much in America today.

I believe that if I am “fortunate” (another term that Mr. Bye uses that irritates me for it gives me no credit for my own efforts) enough to have excess funds, that (1) they belong to me, and (2) that I am best equipped to decide how to employ them.

I may wish to give them to family members who are struggling or to charities that I believe do good works or to purchase lottery tickets or electronic pull tabs (to help pay for the Vikings new stadium).

I don’t have this freedom if Mr. Bye’s redistribution of income plan is in effect.

Mr. Bye wants this excess money to go to the government to fund all of the programs it has decided are best for you and me, many (maybe most) of which have proven to be black holes. See, for example:

The sheer arrogance of Mr. Bye’s statement and the repercussions of it being implemented give serious pause to where this country would be headed if it were to become the norm.

(Jan Moe is a Lake Shore resident.)