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Abler Minded: The real bully

Spring has always been a good time of year in my mind. When I was a youngster, anything that was evidence of spring always got the heart and mind racing at the thought that summer and baseball, exploring, swimming and all the other outdoor activities were close at hand.

I remember the exasperated teachers who tried — often without success — to keep us focused on our subjects while the sun was bright, the trees were budding and birds of all types were flitting through the trees.

The birds, along with so many other species, provide us an excellent example of nature and learning — whether it’s in the animal world or the human world.

And we should never forget that our physical nature includes a great number of animal characteristics. Just as the fledgling birds learn by watching and emulating the behavior of their parents, children are greatly influenced by their parents’ attitudes and behavior.

Liars, thieves, bigots, physical and sexual abusers, bullies and all the other bad traits that one can identify come primarily from what a child has lived and observed in the formative years. Now put that child in the situation of a gay “marriage” and tell me there won’t be some confusion in that child’s mind in regard to his or her own sexuality.

The rainbow movement, including the proponents of gay “marriage,” is clamoring for legitimacy of any and all types of unions. And that legitimacy — in their minds — can only be achieved when they are allowed to be married.

And since they cannot achieve their goals through logic and persuasion, they resort to pure emotion and the legislative and judicial processes to force their frankly illegitimate demands on the majority of citizens under the guise of “rights.”

One of our own state representatives stated that even though the majority of his constituents voted “yes” on the marriage amendment question last fall, he was going to ignore them and vote “yes” on the gay marriage law. The implication was that we were all old and old-fashioned and to his age group, this issue wasn’t a big deal at all.

This brings me to the real subject of my column — bullies and bullying.

In case you haven’t noticed how things are going in this country, the real bullies are the 900-pound gorilla of the United States government, along with the two simian children — the states and the cities/counties.

There is no doubt in my mind that we will end up with gay “marriage” in Minnesota. If not this year, it will happen in the near future. And after that happens, we will see a number of accompanying measures that mandate sensitivity training for school teachers and staffs and indoctrination for the children along the lines of two men or two women are just as normal as one man and one woman.

And woe unto the schools that refuse to follow the mandates, whether for matters of conscience or any other reason.

The anti-bullying law being contemplated in Minnesota includes a number of provisions that will penalize any school (by withholding state funds) that does not fully implement the provisions of the law. Is that not just another form of bullying?

Another example is that in some locations ravaged by Hurricane Sandy last year some people are not being allowed to rebuild as cities have decided to try to exercise eminent domain to use properties for other purposes. Isn’t bullying an abuse of power by the powerful over the powerless?

Obamacare is probably the most egregious example of bullying. In the name of the common good, the government’s laws, directions and mandates will eventually dismantle virtually all aspects of the current health care system, both the good and the bad. While many of the measures authorized under the law have yet to be written, the numerous taxes that will fund the law are already being implemented. More examples include federal efforts to prevent states from enforcement of realistic and much-needed illegal immigration measures. And federal gun control legislation is certain to appear again, and again, and again.

I listened to an interview with the first lady on Sunday morning and she was talking about how children must learn to eat foods that are healthier and it is necessary for the federal government to make this happen. The same Health and Human Services Agency that will make this happen is also the same agency that just gave us the over-the-counter morning-after pill for 15-year-olds.

If a high school student wants to go on a field trip to a museum, a farm, an amusement park or whatever, they have to get a permission slip from a parent or guardian before they are allowed to go. But we will give children contraceptive pills, devices and even abortions without the consent of anyone!

Insanity is contagious; you can get it from your government. And it will continue to get worse as long as we allow the government to be the bully-in-chief.

Well, that’s what’s been on my mind.