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Grim's Tales: We are here, we just move around a lot now

I’ve gotten so many compliments since my return to the newspaper, and it has made an already good job great. Thanks.

A lot has changed since I was an intern, and some of it has me almost as bummed as you folks might be. I understand what happened and why. It is still a little sad.

It has been brought to my attention that some people feel that the Pine River Journal is or will become less informed and connected to the community through absence. But we are still here.

My office is where my cell phone is. Monday I work at the Echo Publishing office in Pequot Lakes. On Tuesday, we are in Brainerd putting the Journal and the Lake Country Echo together for publication. Wednesday morning I am at the Echo office in Pequot Lakes for editorial meetings.

Thursday morning I sit at Dark Cravings or the Pine River Bakery in Pine River and drink chai, eat sawdust rolls, write, conduct interviews and get news tips. In the afternoon I swagger over to Ole and Lena’s and continue working there. I do the same on Friday, and my week is rarely done then.

We work many, many weekends, and when I do, I am often in Pine River or Backus.

Monday through Wednesday nights are also when we cover meetings. I cover Backus City Council, Pine River-Backus School Board and, starting next month, Pine River City Council meetings.

When the school (where I am for many hours a week) or a local business has an event or celebration, guess where I am?

Furthermore, I’m a Backus kid. I was raised there, attended elementary school there and graduated from PR-B. I’m now a volunteer firefighter in Backus. I even live right outside of town.

I hope this comforts some of you. I take pride in my community and I would be sad if I wasn’t covering it sufficiently.

However, if that is the way you feel, if you have some suggestions or story ideas, I’m easy to reach. You can call me, email me or come and chat with me in town.

We’re still here and we still want to hear from you. Talking with people like you is one of the best parts of my job, so please come visit.