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Abler-Minded: The nature of things

I have always felt March was the cruelest of months as the final interval between winter and spring.

I never really understood how cruel it was until it decided to hang on, just like a president who finagles a way to stay in office once his term has expired, and with the same results. At least it appears the drought situation in some regions of the country may finally see some improvement.

I saw two robins several weeks ago and I knew spring must be on the way. We’ve had new birds at the feeder this year — purple finches and American Redstarts — along with our standard collection of many varieties of woodpeckers, chickadees and so on.

Three days ago, the robins knocked on our door and asked if we could loan them the airfare so they could head back south until things improved here!

I would seriously like to have taken Al Gore and tied him to a tree here on April Fool’s Day — seems to fit — so he could get a first-hand look at our version of global warming.

Of course, that’s now global climate change because we’re not only getting warmer; we’re getting colder at the same time. Year to year the “accepted” climate experts change the story except that no matter what happens, it’s clearly the fault of humanity and must be fixed — at all costs.

On the other hand, the positions and evidence offered by the climate experts who disagree with the “accepted” experts are dismissed out of hand.

What we fail to understand, in my not-so-humble opinion, is that if global climate change is the result of people simply living — providing for our food, shelter, water, comfort and travel needs — it can’t be fixed because our continuously growing impact is simply too much to overcome, at any cost.

For the record, I don’t believe human activity is the final tipping point in climate change. And, if it isn’t our fault, it simply can’t be fixed because we are not in control of nature — and the sun, for example, which happens to be the largest heat source in our solar system.

Actually, I think we have a view that anything “natural” has a mystical quality to it that we revere far more than we do the real God and Creator.

We “celebrated” Earth Day a few days ago and we’re observing Earth Week as though the Earth is a harbinger of all good things. The only thing missing from the observance is sacrificing some maidens to appease the ubiquitous gods of nature.

Earth Week is a supposedly a time to promote awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment, sustainable living and earth awareness. Do we actually think we can get along with our planet, when we cannot come close to getting along with each other?

We humans have a rather interesting relationship with our natural world. We observe and we sometimes learn. We analyze, and we interpret correctly — sometimes.

But it is our propensity to allow emotions to blind our sight and to overrule our intellect. We then cannot learn or we misinterpret what we have seen and analyze, which continues to lead us into the cul-de-sac of irrational conclusions and actions.

As I said, we are enamored with all things “natural.” Have you noticed how being “green” is touted on so many products? Besides green, there’s “organic.” And both of these terms, when applied to a specific product, can actually mean something far different than what we might presume.

Now we have to add “sustainable” to our lexicon. I think that means if you eat a chicken, another chicken is available to take its place without increasing the expenditure of energy, carbon dioxide, bad vibrations, herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, personal sensibilities, psycho-social needs and so on.

We had a vote last November on a proposed amendment to the state Constitution that would have defined marriages as between one man and one woman. As you know, that was defeated.

Now, the opponents of that amendment are emboldened to change the current state law to allow same-sex couples to marry. One of the arguments I’ve heard is that since people are born with an attraction to people of the same sex that it is natural and, therefore, same-sex marriages must be afforded the same legitimacy as heterosexual marriages. After all, love is love, isn’t it?

If this is successful, how long before we will be asked/forced to allow a marriage-a-trois? And once that bubble is burst I can only imagine the combinations and permutations that will be foisted upon us in the name of nature and love!

In Ontario, Canada, the school curriculum may be modified to teach children that there are actually six definable individual sex types that are “natural” and, thus, as acceptable as the two we have now.

Getting back to reality and more basic thoughts, biologically speaking (and morally for many of us), sexual intercourse is only natural between a man and a woman. That is the only “natural” way human reproduction can take place. Every other way of producing human life is thus viewed as unnatural.

But we, as humans, have come to believe we are somehow above nature in spite of all our days, weeks and months of observances of one thing or another. In celebrating nature and all things natural during Earth Day and Earth Week, how do we square that with the killing of the product of the natural human reproductive act?

If we really want to be in touch with nature and our world, shouldn’t we stop killing the children that are the most important product of nature and the ultimate key to having a sustainable human race on this good Earth? Have we failed to notice that every time we choose to mess with nature, we eventually come out on the losing end?

Well, that’s what’s been on my mind.