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Vogt's Notes: Testing our patience

Toward the end of a particularly blah Monday, I came across a very fitting cartoon that said: “What a lovely winter we’re having this spring.”

It actually made me smile. Because it is so true.

I think many people can relate when I say smiles have been hard to come by for the past nearly two weeks as everyone has a major case of winter blahs.

Snowbanks are shrinking, but they’re still there. We had some sunny days for awhile, but the wind remained brisk and winterlike, not soft and springlike.

The rain has been nice because it helps to melt the snow and we need the moisture. But can we stick to rain and forgo the sleet, snow and ice until November?

Even a peek into the closet reveals the same old gray and black sweaters. Who’s sick and tired of wearing boots? It’s high time to break out the colorful, light-weight clothes and sandals.

No wonder we’re all walking around with glum expressions and no spring in our step.

We are roughly into our sixth month of winterlike weather. It is staying light outside later, which I admit is nice. But c’mon, it’s high time for spring to, well, spring.

Imagine what a bit of color — some blue sky, bright sunshine, a bit of green grass, a few colorful tulips and other flowers — would do to elevate moods.

Patience. We just have to continue to be patient.

One of the perks of my job is the scenery I encounter on my way to work on the days I turn north and head up Highway 371. I drive by at least a half dozen lakes. It’s never failed to fascinate me as I watch the water freeze in the fall and the ice thaw in the spring. I never grow bored of seeing the eagle perched high in the tree by Round Lake.

The lake ice is melting, just as surely and as slowly as the stubborn snowbanks are. The swans are a’swimmin’ on Round Lake and Nisswa Lake.

We had record early ice-out dates last year, when the ice was off area lakes by the end of March. Not so this year. But we’re not having record ice-off dates either. Following are some median ice-out dates for area lakes, according to the DNR:

Lower Mission: April 16.

Ossawinnamakee: April 17.

Edna: April 18.

North Long: April 19.

Lower Hay: April 21.

Gull: April 21. (Last year the ice went out on March 26.)

Round: April 22.

Hubert: April 22.

Hubert: April 23.

Pelican: May 1.

So stay positive. The ice will give way to water. The snow will melt. The grass will turn green. Flowers will bloom. Spring will spring one day soon.

We just have to be patient.