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Mayor's Notebook: Tidbits of information

Many exciting things have been going on in Pequot Lakes. This is an opportunity to let you know just a few bits of information.

First, it is truly my pleasure to tell you that we believe the infamous “brown water” issue has been resolved. I can’t promise that it will never happen again, but chances are very slim.

Lee Bundy, water operator for Pequot Lakes, reports that the reclaim basin was full of backwashed material. It has been cleaned out professionally, the filters were checked and all maintenance issues have been resolved. Along with all water users and the city council, I say, “Hallelujah!”

Many thanks to the Pequot Lakes Historical Society. Members have been presenting programs at Eagle View Elementary School on the history of our area, they provided the support mechanism for the fire tower refurbishment that was so successful thanks to numerous volunteers, and they continue collecting written histories of longtime Pequot Lakes residents.

I mention all of their worthy endeavors as they are now in their yearly membership drive. A Family Membership is only $15 (P.O. Box 493, Pequot Lakes, MN).

Many of you are aware that our library is operated totally by volunteers. What you may not be aware of is that the library is a member of RSVP, the volunteer services organization out of Brainerd that encourages and supports volunteerism.

In their end-of-the-year monthly magazine, Mike Koechler, director, provided a list of “cash value” provided by volunteers at 60 area member organizations. Using a statistic known as “National Value of Volunteer time” ($21.79 per hour), an amazing $2,612,895.25 was donated – and $90,123.44 was credited from the Pequot Lakes Library where, over the course of each day, there is an average of five volunteers.

Finally (and this is really important), I am reminding you that Pequot Lakes has a winter parking ordinance that is in effect from Nov. 1 through March 31 each year. This ordinance bans parking on city streets from 2-6 a.m., whether it is snowing or not.

Please know of this ordinance and be aware of its enforcement. Cooperation is crucial and parking tickets or towing are no fun for anyone. Remember, 2-6 a.m. no parking on city streets.