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Tiger Talk: PR-B shows its pride in so many ways

PR-B Pride. The Pine River-Backus School District has always been intentional about the pride we take in our school climate and culture.

The current strategic plan calls it “PR-B: The Place We Want To Be!” and the recently developed strategic plan reflects PR-B pride in its priorities designed to create a positive, enriching and engaging atmosphere.

More often than not, students and alumni from schools across the country remember their education and their schools fondly — a special feeling for a special time in their lives.

And, depending on the person, highlights will vary. Some remember competition on the playing fields; some remember concerts and musicals; some remember those afterschool enrichment projects; and some remember the day-to-day relationship building with teachers and other staff.

Whatever it is, it’s important.

The best place to showcase these wonderful life experiences is in our yearbooks — elementary and high school alike. Yearbooks provide a chronology of events and keep track of the experiences that we all take with us. What fun it is to go back and page through those yearbooks — changing styles, the impact of time and so many accomplishments!

So, too, we honor students and staff accomplishments through showcasing trophies, banners and art. Here at PR-B, if you have the opportunity to visit our gymnasiums, you’ll see banners that help us remember the events, the teams, the coaches, everyone who was involved at the time.

If you visit the District Office Art Gallery, you’ll see new pictures every year, drawn and/or painted by the previous year’s art students. In our display cabinets located throughout the school you’ll see musical awards and recognition for school clubs — Knowledge Bowl team, Math Masters, the Torch.

Records are yet another changing and dynamic story. Just as students have grown bigger and stronger, sports technology and equipment have improved. We’ve always had talent and today we begin to develop those gifts at younger ages.

So when you see a banner or a record, or you hear and see our students perform, it really is about our school and community pride and today’s students’ accomplishments.

Scoring has changed. The number of games in any season usually increases, except in the spring! High school league sanctioned opportunities are always increasing.

So, even if a record is “broken,” it only means another PR-B student or team has had a meaningful accomplishment.

Even the process of “showcasing” has changed. Teachers and coaches use many ways to recognize student accomplishments. Some take advantage of annual banquets or gatherings, some ensure banners are in place, some display trophies, some use bulletin boards and display current media — it’s a changing and dynamic process with online opportunities right around the corner. We’ll be tweeting updates before you know it!

Ultimately, it’s about our students. Students who receive these recognitions will be our community leaders. They act as role models for their classmates and younger students, and they will grow up to do great things.

A visit to our campus will affirm the importance of our efforts to recognize success and meaningful accomplishments.

PR-B Pride! Wear your colors and accomplishments proudly!