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Director's Notes: "That's not fair!"

How often do we hear a statement like this coming from our children, spouse, employees or the person who was just pulled over for speeding?

If you are like me, these words may have crossed your lips at some point in your life!

Often, a parent response to such an exclamation by a child might go something like: “Deal with it. Life isn’t always fair.”

While this might be how we typically respond, it falls short of helping our students deal with the bumps in the road that can surface during the course of a normal school day.

As a part of our Positive Behavior Intervention program here at Crosslake Community School, we do want to help our students deal with those moments in life we consider unfair, by helping them understand what fair really means. One definition of the word fair is to be: “free from bias, dishonesty or injustice.”

An important distinction for our students is the expectation that fair means to treat everyone the same. However, what is fair and what is the same are not always the same thing.

Hopefully, we can instill in our students traits of honesty and justice in their dealings with others and a recognition that while not everyone in school will be treated the same, they will all be treated in a manner that is bias-free, just and honest.

In other related school news, the Crosslake Community School archery team recently competed in the state archery shoot at Champlin Park High School.

Archers from Crosslake had a total score of 2,900, which is a national tournament qualifying score! We are very proud of these students and their accomplishments.

They have represented our school and community very well.

On June 5, consider joining us at Moonlite Bay for our second annual Evening for Education, one of our major fundraising events. The evening will include a dinner, live and silent auctions and music by The District.

By joining us for this event, you are helping us to create opportunities for our students that greatly enhance their learning experience.

Also, be looking for information on our first-ever golf fundraising event, scheduled for June 22 at Crosswoods Golf Course.

This will also be a great way to support our school financially while having fun doing so!