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Pine River-Backus teachers over 270 days without contract

Contract updates for Pine River-Backus teachers continue to be elusive.

Teachers with Pine River-Backus Education Association (PRBEA) have worked for more than 270 days since their contract expired. Contract negotiations were delayed approximately a month in the beginning to give new negotiators time to attend training.

PRBEA President Dawn Bergerson said teachers are negotiating for cost-of-living increases and changes in benefits. Until a new agreement is reached, teachers will be paid under conditions outlined in their most recent contracts. Once the new contract is finalized, terms will be retroactive. Negotiations are still in mediation. The most recent scheduled talk was March 19. There are no more scheduled talks.

To demonstrate how much extra unpaid work teachers put in during a work day, teachers at Pine River-Backus scheduled a “work to rule” day Thursday, April 3, where teachers will not come into work early, will not skip lunch to help students and will not stay at the school late. Basically, they will abide exactly to the terms of their contract during the work to rule day.