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Director's Notes: Take a challenge to re-engage in reading

February is “I Love to Read Month” and our students are actively involved in seeing how many books they can read during the month. As is the case in all of our schools, reading and the comprehension of what we are reading is critical not only to school success but success in life.

One of the most important skills we can teach our young people is the ability to read and this month is a great time not only to encourage reading among our youth, but also as adults to model the behavior by picking up a book as well!

Research has shown that simply engaging more in reading and less in watching television, we can expect to see:

1. A reduction in student aggression.

2. A decrease in obesity and weight gain.

3. Significant increases in academic achievement.

To that end, I would offer a challenge to our readers, parents and students in our area. Please consider participating in the “Take the Challenge – Take Charge” program ( This website has a number of resources and activities for schools and families to help us all unplug the television and re-engage in reading and other healthy behaviors, all of which can benefit our kids and families.

For our part, our students are participating throughout this month in a number of activities designed to increase our time spent reading. Two of our activities this month are “Reading Bingo,” where students can earn points and fill up a “Bingo” card based on what they are reading, and an “all-school read” that took place Feb. 21.

I also want to share about our Crosslake KIDS program and the focus for the month of February, which is patience. Given the time of year, the weather that keeps us indoors more than outdoors and the phenomenon that we refer to as “cabin fever,” patience sometimes wears thin!

I was in a conversation with two of our kindergarten students recently who were having a conflict with one another and we talked about the importance of using our words rather than hitting each other with sweaters to get our point across. A wonderful teachable moment and reminder of how we all need a little patience from time to time!

Stay warm folks, spring is on the way. I promise.