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PR-B Knowledge Bowl shows power at round robin

Pine River-Backus had two teams compete at the round robin Wednesday, Feb. 12, at Staples-Motley High School — one team placed third and the other was fifth.  

Fire Nation, consisting of seniors Colton Dabrowski, Ryan Sweeney, Amanda Fleming, Chantelle Peterson and Jake Shetka, placed fifth; and Emergency Exit with freshman Josh Sweeney, sophomores Elijah Albrecht and Kade Renwick and junior Shannon Osier, was third.

They took on 25 other teams from Little Falls, Nevis, Upsala, Verndale and Bertha-Hewitt.  

The written round started out better for both teams with score increases from the previous round robin. Fire Nation got 34, which tied the team for second place; but through tiebreaker numbers they started the day in fifth. Emergency Exit scored 30, tying the team for seventh — the position it held after tiebreaker organization.

Oral round one was Fire Nation’s most difficult, where the team faced Nevis’ House of Lords and Little Falls’ Team Rousey. Having some difficulty with the noisy fan in the shop room the competition was held in, Fire only gained 2 points while Lords scored 14 and Rousey 13.  

This poor showing dropped Fire Nation to 12th.  

In round two, Fire Nation found itself facing PR-B’s Emergency Exit and Verndale’s Da Rudybegas. Fire emerged victorious with 10 points. Rudybegas earned 7 and Emergency got 6.  

Fire advanced to eighth and then faced Little Falls’ Off Constantly and Upsala’s #stickybandits in Fire’s best round. Scoring 16 points Fire vaulted into third place for the final round. Off and # scored 3 and 6, respectively.  

In the final round, Fire again faced House of Lords as well as the day’s frontrunner, Little Falls NO. Although defeated and scoring 5 points to NO’s 10 and House of Lords’ 8, Fire ended the day in fifth place with a final score of 70, counting Strength of Schedule points.

Emergency Exit’s opponents in oral round 1 were Nevis’ Stuffs and Ice Mountain. Emergency earned 7 points, defeating Ice, who earned 5, but falling to Stuffs, who earned 12.  

Dropping to 11th place, Emergency’s round 2 results were discussed above. Continuing to drop to 15th place, Emergency rallied against Nevis’ Channel 4 News Team and Bertha-Hewitt’s Vicious and Delicious. Emergency had a stellar round, holding Vicious to a single point and Channel 4 to 7 while earning 17 points. 

This moved Emergency to fourth place where the team faced Little Falls’ Team Rousey and Resource Management. Emergency won the room with a solid 12 points to the 5 and 5 put up by Little Falls. This allowed Emergency to move to third place with a final total of 73.5, after including Strength of Schedule points.   

Overall in the region, Fire Nation is ranked 33rd with a total of 126 points following two round robins. Emergency Exit is ranked 25th with a total of 136 points.  

Following the third and final round robin Feb. 25, the top 21 teams will compete at the regional meet, from which the five state participants will be chosen.