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Parents at PR-B wellness fair get lessons in finding hidden things

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The Working Together Coalition (WTC) gave parents at the Feb. 7 Health and Wellness Fair at the Pine River-Backus Community Pride basketball night the opportunity to rummage through a staged bedroom in search of drug and alcohol hiding places.

The prop bedroom was littered with clothing, clutter and furniture common to many teenage bedrooms, but much of the room’s contents had more sinister purposes, as they had hidden spaces that any child could use to hide drugs, alcohol or other banned items.

Hiding places could be found in children’s toys, shoes, furniture and beauty and hygiene items. John Grimley, WTC administrative assistant from Walker, found an Aqua Velva hairspray can with a hidden compartment to be one of the most surprising hiding places. There were 26 different hiding places.

The WTC designed the workshop as an opportunity to inform parents of the items they should be on the lookout for when raising kids. It also presented parents an opportunity to discuss drugs and alcohol with their children.

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